Lux Dominoes (Neon Green)

Lux Dominoes (Neon Green)

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Brand: Luxe Dominoes

Color: Neon Green


  • BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT: same double six domino set as always, but with a modern design twist in style. Keep playing and enjoying the game, but with a nice fresh new look.
  • DELUXE SLEEK DESIGN: let the domino set speak for itself. Made in acrylic with different colors make it a great game for any part of the house. Perfect to be seen in your man cave, game room, living room table or coffee table.
  • JUMBO TOURNAMENT SIZE DOMINOES: we choose the best size of dominos so that everyone can hold and handle the dominoes perfectly. 28 total domino tiles up to double 6.
  • AMAZING SET: besides having big dominoes, they are two-tone black and white tiles and center brass spinner (rivets) for easy mixing/shuffling. Great gift idea for him, your friends will love them, and you can rave about the cool domino set to everybody!
  • HAVE FUN AND ENJOY: with this domino set you can't go wrong. Have fun with the entire family or friends with this new and unique dominoes game!

Genre: Educational

Publisher: Luxe Dominoes


"El Tigre" is a modern domino set. While traditionally dominoes have come in a wooden box or in leatherette cases this luxury set is meant to let the dominoes shine. Each box is handmade from a single piece of acrylic.

The Clear lid version is an instant classic that features the dominoes inside in its purest form.

These deluxe domino sets are meant to be displayed and played, that's why they all come with Jumbo Tournament Size Two-tone Black and White Dominoes with Spinners.

Measurements of Jumbo Size Dominoes:

  • Height: 2 3/16 inches or 5.6 cm
  • Width: 1 1/16 inches or 2.7 cm
  • Thickness: 7/16 inches or 1.1 cm.

Available in these other lid colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Smoke (black), Clear, Neon Pink and Neon Orange.

UPC: 047393781901

EAN: 0047393781901